Quality Care Home Improvement

To make sure you know exactly who I'm talking about here are details:

My experience with this company as of April 15, 2005.

May 4, 2005 update.

The door was installed a couple weeks ago. They did the baseboards at the same time. But didn't bother to actually nail them in. Ed promissed to fix the poor drywall taping job and hasn't. Window trim on the outside is still not installed, leaving the siding open to the weather. We decided to not have him redo the poor tile backsplash job for fear of making it worse and taking 6 months. We did most of the painting just to get it done.

Despite the job being unfinished they still sent someone over, unannounced (at 10:30PM!), to pickup a check for the remainder. It's not the first time they've shown up at the door unannounced at a late hour.

June, 2005 update.

Redid some of of the worse drywall areas. Now we have to repaint... Installed window trim. FINALLY took trash away.


We have been nothing but frustrated with this company's performance.